Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sunfish Frostbiting in Barrington, RI

All the Sunfish have gone home for the winter.  All that's left to take pictures of are the club boats.
The boats are out of the water, the docks are put away and the club is buttoned up for the winter.  The problem is, the summer went by too quickly and some of us (well, at least me) still want to race.  Fortunately, there is still Sunfish racing to be had.  Every fall, the Barrington Yacht Club has a Sunfish Frostbite series.  The races start at 1:00, and run every Sunday until December 16.  It costs only $10 to race, or $50 for the whole series.  The NOR and other documents can be found in the frostbite section of the BYC web site.

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  1. The Barrington Yacht Club ran a good set of races under frustrating conditions today. Fourteen boats showed up on the line to race in a shifty, dying Northwester. A lot of guys had trouble with the shifts, but for me it was actually easier and more predictable than sailing on Lake Massapoag. The kicker was that there was a three knot current flowing out to Narraganset Bay that made fetching the mark an adventure in frustration. To make the mark, you had to overstand the layline by about 10 boat lengths, end even then making the mark was iffy. The last race was abandoned when the wind disappeared completely and the entire fleet drifted backwards away from the starting line. All in all it was a great day on the water.