Sunday, November 11, 2012

Massapoag @ Barrington

Don't tell anybody, but Gary Werden is really good at sailing a Sunfish!

Mark Stoughton and Gary Werden Frostbiting in Barrington
Gary and Mark Stoughton are representing the MYC at the Barrington YC Fall Sunfish Frostbiting series. Today, the BYC Race Committee able to get in five races, under perfect conditions. Many of the Sunfish racers there are the world class hotshots that race in our Annual Regatta.  Gary finished 5th overall (Not bad for a Laser guy) and Mark finished 9th, which was good for 4th in the B fleet.

Full results are available on the BYC web site here.


  1. Noooooooo. Say it ain't so.

    Gary is a Laser guy. He should have come to Newport today and raced his Laser with Eric Aker and Dave Ryan and that tall bald guy with the English accent that sometimes sails his Laser at Massapoag.

  2. We're trying to lure him away from the Dark Side.

  3. That's OK. Some of my best friends are Sunfish sailors. I may even take up Sunfish sailing myself when I'm too old to sail a Laser.