Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rapid Buttner Gets Life Membership Plus Other Sunfish Class News and Rule Changes

The International Sunfish Class met at the recently concluded Open Worlds in Sarasota, Florida, and Chris Williams, the Advisory council Chair, has posted an update on the web site. The class passed three new rules, two of which pertain to the use of a second halyard to secure the various versions of the Jens rig and the third to allow the use of a through bolt on the daggerboard stops to keep the stops from falling out.

Rapid Buttner (Sail # 9102) Sailing backwards for fun at 
the 2011 MYC Annual Regatta

The class also awarded Rapid Buttner a life membership to the class for his work as class historian.  Rapid sails with the traveling Sunfish circuit and visits MYC every September to race in our Annual Regatta.  Congratulations to you Rapid!

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