Thursday, June 5, 2014

This Week the Double Secret Wednesday Series Stayed Secret

This is what the Sunfish Fleet race looked like last night
Work schedules, student stage performances and damage from Saturday's regatta conspired to knock most of the competitors out of this week's Double Secret race.  On a beautiful night for sailing, only two Sunfish showed up.  John Houstle and Mark Stoughton both had boat damage from Saturday, and Bernadette Levesque was on duty at work. Gary Werden, who kept his Sunfish out of harm's way this past Saturday by sailing his Laser, bested new club member Aengus Conghaile.

This coming weekend starts the Sunfish Saturday Series at Massapoag.  Racing starts at 3:00pm and runs until 5:00pm.  Based on reports reaching us over the last few weeks, it looks like the fleet may have even more racers than last year.

This weekend however, conflicts abound.  The Sunfish Regional Championships are being held this weekend at Barrington Yacht Club in Rhode Island. The Regional Championships are a qualifying event for the both the 2014 National and World Championships to be held later this year.  Bernadette Levesque, Mark Stoughton and Gary Werden are going to represent our fleet and club.  We are wishing them all good luck, and hope that Mark finishes his boat repairs before the starting gun goes off.


  1. Gooooooo Massapoag Mashers!!!! It's going to be light winds in Barrington this weekend - just like lake sailing - so you guys should be awesome. Time to start designing the Massapoag Mashers Sunfish Worlds Team Shirt. You can do it.

    Do you have a Mashers team song? How about this?

  2. SInging makes you go faster. Or, if nothing else, it confuses the hell out of the other sailors.

  3. Great day for Laser sailing at Massapoag YC. Six Lasers racing. Scored 2,1,1,1,3 in the 5 races I sailed. This old dog still knows a few tricks. And I didn't even sing.

    I thought there use to be a big Sunfish fleet here too?

  4. The Sunfish Fleet went to visit your bay this weekend, but you weren't there.

    Nice Laser finishes.

    Have you ever noticed that you and I sail in all the same places, know all the same people and have never been in the same room together? Look out on the water!
    It's a fish!
    It's a steamship!
    No it's Tillerman! Who disguised as a mild mannered Masapaog Sunfish Sailor fights a never ending battle for Lasers, torches and the RS Aero!

  5. Thanks. I was quite pleased with my finishes considering I don't do much lake sailing these days. Also managed to beat that ringer from the MIT Sailing Team in most races.

  6. You've gotta come up our way more often

  7. I would like to. I have probably sailed as a guest or in a regatta at MYC an average of about once a year since I moved to this area from NJ back in 2007. I always enjoy my visits there. It reminds me a lot of the Sunfish club that I belonged to in the town where we lived in NJ. And the first club I belonged to in the UK.

    I even wrote a blog post once about why I like it so much!

  8. I read that blog post a long time ago, and then went there, found out your blog was spot on and joined. Thanks

  9. Oh no! Not another "I read your blog and joined that club/ took up Laser sailing/ went to the Masters Worlds" story. This blog was supposed to be about me; not changing other people's lives. The responsibility is too much for me. What if they didn't like that club/ hated Laser sailing/ drowned at the Masters World?

    Seriously though. Pleased it worked out for you.

  10. Yonder flies the proofreader.... overwhelmed;

    did he get chopped off by heavy chop conditions?