Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Double Secret Wednesday Series: Gary Keeps Building his Picket Fence

This is about as close as anyone got to Gary all night
Gary Werden continued building his Double Secret Picket Fence tonight, as he cruised to another first place in the Double Secret Sunfish series.  This week, he established his lead right from the start, sneaking under Mark Stoughton and John Houstle to take the favored end of the line, and he never looked back. By the first mark Gary had a three boat length lead over John, and five over Mark. On the third leg, Gary and Mark went left and John went right...into a hole. It was all over by the end of the third leg, as Gary had an insurmountable lead, and Mark had passed John and then held on to take second place.

Gary has extended his first place finish streak in the Wednesday Night Series to 6. Mark is just behind with 4 second place finishes and 1 third in 5 races sailed.  Next up is the Saturday Sunfish Series, and the weather looks to be a bit less blustery than last weekend.


  1. Ahah! Gary is outed. He was invited to go Laser sailing with some friends in wind and waves on the Sakonnet River today and he declined with some feeble excuse about work, when we all know he is retired. Turns out that he has gone over to the dark side and is really a double secret Wednesday Sunfish sailor.

  2. I've heard that he has a spare Sunfish that someone can borrow, if they too want to be a Double Secret Sunfish Sailor.

  3. I see no mention of the OTHER boats in the race. There are triple secret Flying Scots sailing as well :-)

  4. Well, this is the Sunfish Fleet news. I'd include Flying Scots, but I don't think they're Sunfish Class legal, what with l those extra sails and dry comfy seats.