Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Double Secret Series: Nobody Beats the Small Boats!

Not to much in front (Lots of Scots behind though!)

The Wednesday night pursuit race belonged to the small boats tonight, with the Sunfish and Laser classes combining for 5 of the top 6 spots, and relegating the top finishing Flying Scot to 5th place. Sunfish also took three of the top four spots.

Gary Werden, Mark Stoughton, John Houstle waged a close race over five legs in the less shifty than normal conditions right from the start.  Bernadette Levesque was plagued by equipment problems and was out of the running early in the race. By the third mark Gary John and Mark were still within a few boatlengths of each other, and it was anybody's race. After the third mark however, Gary blew the race wide open by going to the right and finding more pressure, while John and Mark went left and found noting but headers. By the fourth mark, Gary's lead was insurmountable and he cruised to a leisurely first place finish.  Mark and John exchanged positions several times on the first four legs, but Mark managed to open up a gap on the final leg to take second, John came in about 30 seconds later in third and Bernadette, 4th.

Overall in the pursuit race, Gary took 1st, Mark 3rd, John 4th and Bernadette 8th. Newcomer Meg Haviland sailed a brilliant race in her Laser to pass Mark on the last leg and take 2nd overall.  Randy Rubenstein was the first Flying Scot skipper to finish, in 5th place, ahead of Dan Abram, sailing is Laser tonight. Harvey Davidson, Wally Leuders and Bernadette Levesque rounded out the fleet.

Double Secret series results are posted here:

Wednesday night Pursuit race results are here:

Next up: The Saturday Sunfish Series 3/5/14 @3:00pm.

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