Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wind? We Don't Need no Stinking Wind!

The Sunfish were there, but something was missing.

We finally got a nice, warm sunny day at Barrington, but for a while a couple of things were missing.  Both the wind and the committee boat were no-shows. We waited patiently for them both to show up, and once they did the Committee Boat proved to be the more consistent and reliable of the two.

Light and fluky was the order of the day. About half the fleet had to be towed to the race course. The front and back of the fleet were able to make it under their own power, but the middle was at the mercy of the still air. After the first race, the wind shifted about 50 degrees, turning the windward-leeward course into a two-reaching legs course. After only one race, the Race Committee was forced to delay the proceedings to reset the course.

Once the wind finally decided which direction to blow, the RC was able to get 5 races in.  Andy David took both the last race (more on that later) and the A fleet prize for the day.  IN the B fleet, Erin Abbot put in a stellar day in the light winds, finishing with the A fleet more often than with the B fleet. On the water she claimed that "The light winds really like me".

Alan Silk was the star of the day. He very nearly took first in the last race from Andy David.  After a slow start, Alan snuck up the left side of the course staying in breeze and out of the current, and made up several hundred yards before passing everyone at the final turn to the club. It looked like he was headed to his first 1st, but at the very last minute he got caught in a wind shift, and Andy David snuck by him.

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