Monday, March 24, 2014

MYCSunfish: AWOL

Artist's representation of what the racing must have been like this week
MYC@BYC updates have been noticeably absent lately as MYC Sunfish's intrepid reporter has been AWOL from the racing.  He says that there have been good reasons for his absence, apparently something to do with his inability to sneak away for several hours unnoticed from Mrs. MYC's birthday festivities. He promises that he will be on the scene next week.

In any case, We do have some results to present this week. Bill Brangiforte reports that the weather was much warmer this week, with a shifty northwest breeze, and that racing was close all day.  Doris Aschman reports that Scott Greenbaum ended Ken Charles' streak of weekly first place finishes, while Bernadette Levesque topped the B fleet. A big Thank You goes out to Doris and Bill!

The BoatCam wasn't idle though. It has branched out into another activity that apparently has a frostbite season. 


  1. Hmmm. I don't think "Crotch Cam" is going to be as interesting as Boat Cam.