Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Carnage at the Sunfish Worlds

The Sailing Instructions for the 2013 Sunfish Worlds

The 2013 Sunfish World Championships have been blown apart, almost literally, by gale force winds and huge waves.  Various Twitter feeds, web sites and FaceBook pages tell tales of  bent and broken masts, broken spars, snapped tillers, torn sails, damaged hulls and a wayward daggerboard found far down the beach. The Sunfish measurer and race officials have apparently effectively waived the rules about replacing parts because there have been so many boats damaged. Only about 45 out of the 71 registered boats made it off the beach today. DNF's are littering the scoreboard and a number of racers have not completed a single race.

The Sunfish class web site has a collection of photos of the perilous launch this morning.

So far there have been no injuries, and we can only hope that everyone stays safe.

Local Sunfishers are far down in the standings. DNF's due to equipment breakdowns or safety reasons are killing everyone's point totals.  MYC's Kevin Buruchian is sailing well, but is in 35th after getting 2 DNFs this morning. Bill Braginforte is in 23, Brian McGinness is in 30th, Doris Aschman is in 47th, Scott Greenbaum is in 50th, Eric Woodman is in 64th and David Nielson is in 74th.

Complete results to date are posted on the Sunfish Class web site.

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