Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bobbing for Race Committees

Rick wasn't alone for long!

The Extended Saturday Sunfish Season got off to a good start with 4 boats showing up on what proved to be a sunny, if sometimes windless day. Since the Race Committee duty roster was made up in March, and the Sunfish season was extended just two weeks ago, nobody is scheduled to serve RC duty.  That makes it interesting rounding up a Race Committee. A big thank you goes this week to Noah Levesque, who gamely stepped in to act as PRO so that his mom would have more people to race against.

The wind was light to nonexistent. Gusts and lulls combined to create leg length leads only to see them disappear on the next puff, and no lead was safe. In Race 1, Rick Schlosser rounded the windward mark an entire leg behind the rest of the fleet, and clawed his way back, riding the puffs to a second place finish. In Race 2, Mark Stoughton was the first to arrive at the first upwind mark, only to be the last person to complete the rounding.

The day belonged to John Houstle and Bernadette Levesque. John put a lot of work into his boat over the last week, and it showed, taking 3 firsts and 2 seconds. Bernadette continued her consistent series sailing, taking 1 third, 2 seconds and 2 firsts. Rick had mixed results with a second and two thirds. Marks hot streak came to a crashing halt today as he came in dead last in every race.

The leaderboard had some changes this week, as John  Houstle claimed 2nd place, and Mark and Rick are tied for 3rd. Results are on the blog's results page.

Several members of the Sunfish fleet have offered to swap race duties with people who are scheduled for Sunday duties with the Flying Scots, giving Scot skippers the opportunity to race instead of serving race duty. Thanks so far to Roger Sharp and Jay McNeff for offering to swap!


  1. I will offer up some time to perform some race duties for the sunfish if bodies are still needed. I don't have the experience to run them but I'd be glad to help out.

    1. That's great, Thank you! I'll contact you via email to arrange things.