Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Kids are Coming

Yesterdays Supermoon not only brought an extremely low tide, it brought a our friends from UConn. Out of the 10 boats on the line, almost half of the participants were under age 25.  The kids won at least 3 first firsts, topped the B fleet and made a real run at topping the A fleet.

The Supermoon low tide combined with the ocsillating southwest wind meant that some parts of the racecourse had as little as 3 feet of water, although nobody reported bottoming out on the course. Racing was all over the place, with nobody dominating.  Erin Abbot took the B fleet honors, while Bill Brangiforte fought off a strong effort from the kids to take the A fleet.

Racing continues next week. The earliest weather forecasts are calling for rain with temps in the low 50's with 10-13 knot Northeast winds gusting to 40. Might be cold, windy and wet!

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