Monday, May 16, 2016

Time to Come Out of Hibernation

Waking up the big boats from their winter slumber. It's a lot easier to wake up a Sunfish.
Although we at MYC Sunfish HQ heard from My2Fish that it snowed in Michigan yesterday, winter has given up the ghost around here and racing has started.  At least for the big boats.  We're going to start the Sunfish racing a bit later this year, with the hopes of extending our season deep into October.  In previous years, we've had trouble getting racers early in the season, but a lot late in the season, so we've opted to shift the season a bit so we can segue from MYC Racing straight into the fall frostbite series at BYC.

Sunfish racing this year starts with our Small Boat Regatta on June 18, and continues after that every Saturday at 3:00pm until the club closes for the season in October. 

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