Sunday, December 8, 2013

MYC@BYC Week 6: Current Events

Beware: Turning marks are farther away - much farther away,  than they appear

Two weeks ago, racing was cancelled because the Wind speed exceeded the temperature by double digits. This week, the current speed exceeded the wind speed, making for maddening mark roundings and an abandoned final race. Extremely light air was the order of the day, allowing the current to wreak havoc, particularly on the B fleet, giving them plenty of opportunities to practice the boat handling pointers that Bill Brangiforte had given them back at the dock earlier in the day.

The dying, shifty North wind combined with the current to push competitors to the brink, even pushing them backwards sometimes.  Skippers who were 5 feet from the windward mark sometimes required three or four long tacks to make it around because of the lost ground due to the current. The final race was abandoned when it proved impossible for any skipper at all to make any progress at all.

Ken Charles took the day in the A fleet. Alan Silk put in a stellar performance to take home his first 1st place cup of the season.

This weeks' BoatCam features Andy David, who graced last weeks post with his insights into light air racing.  This week you can see Andy in action, putting his money where his mouth is.

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