Sunday, November 24, 2013

MYC@ Barrington Week 5: The Weather System Used at the Worlds Comes to Barrington

A Sunfish racer trying to make his way to his boat this morning

The wind conditions that caused four days of postponement at the Worlds has decided to make a road trip to the Northeast.  A cold 30mph northeast wind (with gusts to 45), have descended on Barrington, making it impossible to sail safely.  An email went out from the BYC at 8:12 this morning cancelling racing for today.

We're not the only ones deprived of a day on the water. Word comes out of New York that the Wet Pants Sailing Association has had their frostbiting blown out too.

Next week is a built in off week for BYC, so racing will resume in two weeks. Now to think of something to post next week!


  1. Is that Sunfish racer wearing hiking pants under his cloak? And where can I buy a pair of those cool hiking sandals? Are they Zhik?

  2. The so-called cloak is actually a combination drysuit/emergency sail that he got cheap from Robert Redford, who was clearing space on his boat for his upcoming round the world trip.