Monday, August 5, 2013

We've Poached Another Laser Sailor!

We have the guys on the blue boats sailing Sunfish. now all we need is the people on the white boat

The man in the foreground of the above photo could be seen at any given race perched aboard his Laser.  He had over 100 Laser starts last year. It's rumored that he's never sailed any other boat. Until this past Saturday, that is.

Dan Abram abandoned his Laser and was seen aboard a Sunfish, possibly for the first time ever. He was one of 5 skippers racing. The other former laser sailor, Gary Werden, took bullets for all 8 of Saturday's races.  The seconds, thirds fourths and fifths were all pretty evenly spread around the rest of the fleet.

There are only 4 weeks of Saturday racing left before the Annual Regatta. As Dan has demonstrated, it's not too late to start racing your Sunfish!

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