Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Bet You're Wondering Where This Week's Post is

Where did all the Sunfish go?

I'll bet that you're looking at this picture and saying "Where are all the Sunfish?  The answer is that there weren't any this weekend because there was a Laser Team Racing regatta.  If sailboat racing is Soccer, Team Racing is like Rugby.  They run races on a "Z" shaped course, with he start and finish in the middle.  Sailors on each team cooperate with each other to block sailors from the other team.  It's almost like a bunch of match races all run simultaneously.  It's confusing to watch, and more confusing to sail in.

The Sunfish (and the sanity) will return this coming Saturday. At least one new Sunfish sailor has committed to join the rest of us, he'll be guest skipper on Sunfish 3929, since Mark can't race on Saturday.

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