Saturday, August 29, 2015

Today was Swirly Round Day at MYC...Oh wait.. Every Day is Swirly Round Day at MYC

The steady hand of the artist...If the artist was the wind at Massapoag

Once again, the wind couldn't pick which of the 360 available degrees to use today, so it decided to sample all of them.  Today's PRO Kevin Buruchian, set several upwind marks, and the wind rejected all of them, opting to go left of the left most one, the right of the rightmost one, and sometimes even from behind he starting line.  

Marta Chlus continued her winning ways from last week, taking four firsts out of five races. She's put on a display of blazing boat speed lately, just buzzing past everyone else on both upwind and downwind legs.  Mark Stoughton won his first race in a long time after correctly playing (guessing) the shifts. John Houstle took third almost all day, and newcomer Jeff Sprung took fourth as he tried out a new but not yet tuned boat today, showing good speed downwind but suffering upwind.

Don't forget, the 66th Annual Massapoag Regatta is in just TWO WEEKS!  Signups are available online at  

The Saturday Series takes next weekend off for Labor Day Weekend, however there is the Women's Regatta, the Youth Regatta and the Big Boat Singlehanded Regatta all taking place on Labor Day.


  1. I am not a woman. I am not a youth. I don't own a BIG BOAT.

    What am I going to do on Labor Day?

    How about an Old Man and a Grandchild on a Small Boat Regatta?

  2. I believe that your grandchild is a youth, and you can sail as their crew. if you need.a big boat for the event, I will happily lend you mine

  3. Thanks for the offer MYCSunfish Fleet but I would be nervous borrowing your BIG BOAT if I was sailing it - and even more nervous if the skipper was my 5-year-old grandson.