Sunday, November 23, 2014

Standing Room Only

If you didn't make reservations it was hard to find a good seat on the river today
It was Standing Room Only at the Barrington Frostbite Series again this week, as 19 skippers took advantage of the nearly perfect conditions on the river today.  There was excellent racing in both the A and the B fleets, and it seems that everyone got the hang of rounding marks in currents this week, as there was markedly less bumping and shouting at the marks, although a few sailors managed to find out that sailing upside down is slow.

Amanda Callahan (seen standing in the photo) who never finished deeper in the fleet than third,  beat out Bill Brangiforte and Andy David for the first place trophy glass.  Massapoag's Bernadette Levesque turned in a stellar performance to finish 7th in the fleet!

The increased turnout is due to a number of younger sailors discovering the Sunfish.  It is wonderful to see so many younger skippers racing with us.  They charge around the course at full speed,  in boats of various vintages, laughing  and shouting encouragement at each other the whole time.  Like the older folks, their skill levels run the gamut, and the better sailors are always helping out the noobs.  I only wish some of them would take pity on an old fart and let me beat them once in a while.

Some photos from this weeks racing are on the MYCSunfish Flickr Site at:

Don't forget, racing takes a week off for Thanksgiving, and resumes on December 7.

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  1. I was watching you all from the shore. As Yogi Berra said, "You can observe a lot by watching."