Friday, October 4, 2013

The Season is Over, or is it?

Getting ready for the MYC Sunfish Road Show
The MYC Sunfish season has come to a close, though not through lack of interest. Fall schedules have claimed several Sunfish racers and prospective Race Committee people, making it impossible to continue racing for the remaining two weeks of the season.

I want to thank everyone for a Sunfish racing season that succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. We've gone from essentially nothing to a vibrant Sunfish racing program in a single season. The best part is that lot of wonderful people show up each week making it a pleasure to race. We had 14 different skippers race at least once, with a core group of 6 or 7 who showed up almost every week. The racing was close too. After 66 races, we have a tie for first place, and the third place finisher is only one point behind. That is an amazing finish!

We have a bunch of great skippers too.  Kevin Buruchian started the season with a great seminar on boat rigging. Bernadette Levesque took to Sunfish racing like she was born to it, going from a newbie to a tie for first place in a little over a season. Alan Dimson-Doyle took up racing for a first time on his old boat, and spent the summer refitting his boat, asking a million questions and honing his technique, and the work shows. He's improved a lot over the summer. Skip Arnold took up Sunfish racing for the first time. John Houstle dug his 40 year old old Sunfish out of storage and put a lot of work into it to make it competitive.  Former MYC Laser fleet captain Gary Werden bought and refurbished a Sunfish just so he could race. He also helped the Sharon Recreation Department outfit its sailing program with several Sunfish. Even dedicated Laser sailors like Dan Abram and Dave Ryan were racing with us toward the end of the season. Thanks to you all for making is a great season

Though the MYC racing season may be over, there's still plenty of Sunfish racing left. On October 27, the new fall frostbite season starts at the Barrington Yacht Club. Several MYC racers are planning on travelling down to the Barrington to take part. Last year two MYC racers participated. This year it may be as many as five!  We will be reviving the MYC@Barrington byline as we post news about MYC sailors on the road. Stay tuned!


  1. Well done! Congratulations on your great success as a fleet this season and your own wonderful job of fleet-building. It's always good to hear stories like this. Who says sailing is dying????

  2. Thanks for the kind words. The people that I'm sailing with up here made it a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I saw what a great job that an old Laser guy could do with a blog, and figured that an old Sunfish guy might try the same thing.

    Now to get that old Laser guy back on a Sunfish!