Sunday, December 16, 2012

Last Frosty Week for MYC@Barrington

A poorly timed freezing raindrop gave the BoatCam a case of Macular Degeneration this week

After giving us six weeks of excellent racing weather, it was payback time for Mother Nature at the races this week.  Freezing rain and sleet dropped on the racers, and even took out the BoatCam.  Racing has been extremely tight in both the A and the B flets over the course of the entire series.  Scott Greenbaum lost first place overall to Andy David on the last leg of the last race.  Eric Woodman took first place for the day in the A Fleet, and in the B Fleet Lazz MacKenzie had an outstanding day on the race course, and came in second in the Masters Division.  The B fleet has seen huge improvements over the course of the series, going from distant finishers to finishing in the pack more often than not.  Less than a point separated the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishers.  As far as MYC goes, Mark took second for the day in the B fleet behind John Hause, and also took 3rd for the series in the B fleet.  Gary took 7th in the series for the A fleet.

With the completion of the Barrington series, the extended 2012 MYC Sunfish season has come to a close.  Tomorrow night's Executive Board meeting starts the planning for the upcoming 2013 Sunfish Season at MYC.  We're looking to start a new Sunfish racing series, and we're actively looking for racers.  If you're not a member of MYC, no worries, non-members are welcome to participate in the racing.  Just show up and race!  

We'll also keep up with developments in the larger world of Sunfish racing as a whole, of which MYC is just a small part.  We'll keep you posted.

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